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Hi I'm Gaetano. Independent for Preston

I have lived in Darebin all my adult life serving the community with distinction as an independent mayor of Darebin in 2014 and on Council for nearly 14 years. I want to bring the same authentic community driven independence as your MP for Preston.


Reservoir and Preston have been taken for granted as a safe Labor seat for far too long.

At the core of my values is an unshakeable concern with growing inequality that undermines our ability to deal with climate change, oppressive living costs, unexplainable high electricity and gas prices, unaffordable housing and cuts in community services.


Because of my egalitarian beliefs I gave up the mayoral car to help fund transport for the aged and donated half of my Councillor allowance to the community.

If you elect me to represent you in Victoria’s Parliament, I will donate $100,000 of the parliamentary salary of $192,115 to community causes.


As an independent, I’ll vote for the people of my electorate every time and call out the major parties when they do the wrong thing by our community. I will work for you, not party bosses.

One of the main reasons I’m standing in this election is to save the Preston Market which is the beating heart and soul of Preston and should be in public hands like the Victoria Market. In tackling climate change I am inspired by a sentiment attributed to First Nations people to ‘touch the Earth lightly’.

We live in anxious times with much social and environmental repairing to be done in fairness to current and future generations. It is hard but not impossible for as a society we have never been more prosperous, more productive or more technologically advanced.


However, not everyone has benefited from that progress because of mounting structural inequality, but through our combined capability a better community is achievable.


In my experience you earn trust and support by actively and honestly fighting for community needs, which is what I currently do as an Independent Councillor.


I will stand alongside our community because we deserve better and because only together we can improve Preston and Reservoir.

 - Authorised by Marion Harper, 34 Gisborne Crt, Reservoir 3073

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My pledge to
donate my salary

If elected, the first thing I will do is peg my future parliamentary salary (currently $192,115) to the average wages of a nurse or teacher, which is about $90,000, and donate $100,000 to help with food relief and services for the homeless in Preston and Reservoir.


This will be my personal commitment because it is something I can do.

I have form on this as I donated half of my Councillor allowance to the community and rejected a Mayoral car.


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