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Save the
Preston Market

Save the Preston Market from demolition – Say no to overdevelopment

This is a big issue for the community. Nearly 20,000 people have signed various petitions to save Preston Market.

Preston Market is the beating heart and soul of Preston and provides fresh produce to the northern region. Since it opened in 1970, it has had tens of thousands of visitors each week from across Melbourne and our multicultural community.

According to experts the Market is of local heritage significance, second only to Victoria Market, and should be protected from overdevelopment and bulldozers.

Instead the state government’s planning authority proposal for Preston Market site will allow for 80% of the market to be demolished and replaced with 1,200 apartments and towers as high as 14 storeys. This will create massive traffic congestion and kill Preston Market as we know it.

Together with the community I am fighting to get the state government to immediately scrap the proposed plans and compulsorily acquire Preston Market and refurbish it as a people’s market and preserve it into the future.

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