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Leisure Centre

Brand new Reservoir Leisure Centre with a 50m pool

Reservoir is one of the biggest suburbs in Melbourne with over 55,000 residents and is expected to grow even more.

With more people living in the area community facilities need to grow in step. Some areas need extra attention to support families on low income.

The current Reservoir Leisure Centre has almost reached its use by date and will no longer be fit for purpose and proving costly to maintain.

Reservoir deservers to receive the same support for a brand-new aquatic and wellbeing hub with a 50-meter pool like Northcote’s $63.5m state of the art aquatic redevelopment received from the State Government.

I will be fighting for the State Government to provide between $30 to $60m grant and an interest free loan for Darebin Council to get on with the job to build a new swimming and wellbeing centre for Reservoir.

If the Northcote pool got state government support along with the Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre and the St Albans Health and Wellbeing hub, now it is our turn.

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