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Improved and more female friendly sport and recreational facilities

In Victoria, female participation rates in sport and active recreation remain lower than males, particularly in community sport and recreation club settings. The facilities at clubs play a key factor in encouraging female involvement.

As noted by the International Working Group on Women and Sport, “Women’s participation in sport is influenced by the extent, variety and accessibility of facilities. The planning, design and management of these should appropriately and equitably meet the particular needs of the women in the community”.

Historically sporting facilities have been designed primarily to meet the needs of male participants. Today, community sport and recreation facilities are becoming outdated and, in a vast range of venues, do not provide the range of amenities that attract and sustain women and girls throughout their life. 

To encourage more women and girls to become active and involved in sport and active recreation, sporting pavilions in Preston and Reservoir such as Blake Reserve, K.P Hardiman and Donath Reserve Pavilions need a complete overhaul with female and gender user-friendly facilities.


This can only happen quickly if the state government prioritises women’s equal participation in sport with real funding commitments.

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