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More affordable housing with introduction of 10% Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning

Victoria has a massive housing crisis. More and more families and young people are finding it hard to buy or rent.

Housing stress and homelessness are on the rise in Preston and Reservoir. Census data shows that about 1000 people in Darebin experience homelessness, but the real figure is estimated to be closer to 1500 on any given night.

In a wealthy country like ours everyone should have access to safe and affordable housing. Family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women. We can’t have women escaping family violence and living in cars or people with mental health issues living on the street.

We must urgently create more social and affordable housing.

One key strategy that can help achieve more affordable housing at no cost to the state government is to introduce a 10% mandatory inclusionary zoning that will require that a proportionate number of affordable homes are included in private developments as a condition of planning approvals.

Although not a substitute for public investment in social and affordable housing this has helped create more affordable homes in Europe at no cost to governments and I will campaign for that policy locally which modelling shows it could potentially provide tens of thousands of additional social and affordable homes in Melbourne over the next 15 years.

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