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Lobby for a 24/7 Bulk billing urgent care clinic for Preston

The health and wellbeing of the community should be a top priority.


Health services in Victoria are under stress and so are our nurses, ambos and allied health workers who deserve better wages and conditions to care for sick people.

For some time, emergency care and waiting times for surgery in public hospitals have worsened, especially now with COVID. This is a big wakeup call for the state government to put people’s health first by fixing our health system.


I’ll be fighting for Preston to be nominated to be one of the 50 federally funded medicare urgent care medical clinic for non-life-threatening care. We used to have the PANCH, community’s hospital in Bell Street before it was sold off to developers by the Kennett Government.

Preston should get back its 24/7 health services. This will help free up the backlog in our local hospital system.

Also, we need to ensure the state and federal government do their part in supporting aged care services and infrastructure to help people live longer at home in dignity.

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