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Action on
Climate Change

Supporting the community to take stronger action on Climate Change

To help the environment and save on ever increasing energy cost I will push for incentives and interest free loans, especially for low-income families, to install more roof top solar panels, connect home storage batteries and retro fit more homes to maximise overall energy efficiency.

State government could lead by example with storage batteries and solar panels on its own government buildings.

Government incentives should also promote suburban and regional community battery centres as decentralised back up energy storage centres that provide good jobs.

Preston or Reservoir should be selected to be one of the six Urban Renewable Energy Zones for the proposed neighbourhood battery and solar panel rollout project as part of a transition to clean and cheap energy that is in public hands.

In the last ten years, the cost of solar has come down by 80%. We need to do the same for batteries as only one percent of households have a home battery.

Privatisation of gas and electricity has been a complete failure for people and the environment. Households and businesses continue to face supply uncertainty and higher prices for energy which is increasing the cost of living. That’s why the government had to step in and stabilise the failures of the energy supply companies. To eliminate this uncertainty its time to put energy generation and supply back into public hands.


I voted for Darebin Council to be first government of any kind in the world to declare a Climate Emergency to deal with high levels of carbon emissions, devastating bushfires, droughts, floods and the alarming rate of animal extinction. The State Government must act now.

A net zero target by 2050 is not ambitious enough. We need a just transition plan to dramatically reduce emissions by 2030. We must plan to phase gas and coal ASAP and transition Victoria to cheaper renewable energy and secure jobs.

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